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Are you someone who is asking themselves "Is this all there is?" or "What is my life about? What am I meant to be doing?". You may have noticed the world is changing and what it means to be a human being, an individual or a business leader, is changing too. Everywhere, people are looking for meaning and purpose, a sense that their life is not wasted. But how exactly do you find meaning and purpose?

I asked those questions 10 years ago and through a process of soul searching, brainstorming and life changing experiences, I found the answers I sought and embarked on a career I love. I can help you do the same. Authentic Living works with individuals and companies to create strategies for realising potential and living life on purpose through coaching and leadership development.

What clients say

"Lee Chalmers, one of Britain’s foremost personal development coaches and possessor of more charisma per inch than any woman in northern Europe."
Guy Browning, The Guardian, 2004

Interesting Stuff

Delusions of Gender Delusions of Gender
by Dr Cordelia Fine
Dr Fine argues powerfully that the way we raise our children is the basis for gender differences, not structural differences in the brain. Controversial and compelling.

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